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Updated: Jun 9

Moisture damage can be a serious health concern, especially when mold spores infect your home where children are present. Exposure to black mold can set off asthma attacks and upper respiratory symptoms which are potentially health threatening according to the American Lung Association.

Therefor it is important to treat even the slightest moisture affected area with great care. (1.) First removing the excess peeling wallpaper, soft plaster, etc. and cleaning the area with bleach. (2.) Priming the affected area with an Alkyd, such as Kilz Original paint, destroys latent spores and seals the surface preventing subsurface growth and spawning later. (3.) Filling and sanding with fast dry aggregate (i.e. USG Easy Sand, Proform Quickset Lite, etc.) that is not water soluble after setting. Finally, blending with existing texture and color décor is a step which defines the finish work.

Being skilled in the finish application is equally crucial in adding value for the paying home owner. If repair work can be noticed, it's really not done, right? Taking pride in one's work seems to be a rare but highly sought after virtue. Because loving what you do means taking the time to understand it, and let's be honest, many laborers in the home improvement genre are merely working for a paycheck. Being a perfectionist is what separates the pros from the amateurs. And there are way too many of them in the home repair and handyman profession.

Once the finish work is complete, the home owner will be pleased and he or she will likely call back with future opportunities for work. The greatest principle of honest labor is the long term relationship between the repairman and his customers. Relationships of trust is what allows the most benefits between all parties. It's a partnership that creates and sustains commerce of the best kind. I know this sounds a bit philosophical, but there must be a deeper foundation for business than simply the bottom line of profits. Gandhi said is best; "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed"

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