Working With an Attitude!

As a residential repair specialist, here’s what I want everyone to consider..

Why do hard working home owners invite perfect strangers into their homes to perform crucial tasks, like repairs and enhancements? Because they believe that such a person can provide solutions to their problems, right? The home owner is anticipating the reward of his labors, and is placing a certain hope and trust in the person hired to do a good job at a fair market rate. It’s a "beneficent relationship of trust", a bonding of two parties with the same goal of certain reward. So, what’s really important when it comes to what the reward is? The owner needs labor and the repairman needs gainful employment. But what’s the bigger perspective? In remodeling and home repair the independent labor market is full of wannabe contractors who are really just employees looking for a quick buck. Even many professionals are so obsessed with the bottom line they will come in low on their quotes and find excuses to gin up the costs. Many one man contractors may have a specialty or several talents, but end up venturing into areas they aren’t proficient in just to get the work. The right mindset starts with developing the determination to do right by the customer, before considering the financial rewards of self employment. That means self education, and following the procedure of professionalism in all circumstances. An entrepreneur is someone who learns his or her job and is willing to go beyond the requirements. Who wants to do business with the guy who makes a mess and doesn’t finish the job in a timely manner? When cashiers at the big box store asks me if I found everything ok, I always respond by asking them how they are doing. In many cases I get, “only a few more hours and I’ll be going home” or “I’ve been here since opening, soooo”. Yeah, I get it, you hate your job. Not everyone can afford college but I really believe that most people never really push themselves to see what their potential might be. That doesn’t equate to everyone aspiring to be the CEO of the fortune 500 company. It just means assessing what you have and making something of it. I was always a terrible student and knew I wasn’t brainy or disciplined enough to be an executive. But, when I was five years old I loved drawing and building with my erector set. Now I’m a home care professional with a broad skill set and a pick up truck full of tools, and I get allot of satisfaction providing concise solutions for home owners. I’ve generated a decent wage by presenting viable, cost effective resolutions in home care from handy services to remodeling. Much of my business is generated through referrals by customer. Repeat business has been a mainstay during Covid. Competing with other contractors has made it imperative to demand the best of myself and that meant learning many skills to provide a wide range of services in electrical, plumbing and many other aspects of home improvement. I think its also imperative to offer more services for less cost than the larger, more pricey companies that must gouge to meet their operational expenses. Bottom line for me isn’t just the money, its making sure that I properly earn my wage through quality results and customer support. There’s this whole self improvement regime that involves appearance, language, working procedure and education in what I do. Profits are the bottom line, but success is also how a person goes about acquiring profits. In the larger picture commerce without integrity predictably infringes upon the equity of trust, and this is not a sustainable financial principle.

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