Linda Moya

Tracy installed new bathroom fixtures, lighting and tile work. Also repaired water damaged ceiling and wall damage including wall texture. He arrived on time, finished early and cleaned up. It looks great. Thanks!


Safia M

He replaced a bad smoke alarm,cleaned the AC coils, repaired and painted moisture damaged wall,fixed a leaking pipe.He gave a discount for finishing early, which I really appreciate because I'm the only working parent with four children. I will definitely hire him in the future.


David M

Tracy built a 40 foot ADA wheel chair ramp and a custom open shower with with grab bars, enabling me to become more mobile and independent in caring for myself. His labor cost

was very reasonable. I have used him in my home for about 20 years now.

Lori Snyder

The first time we hired him I needed tow light fixtures in different rooms swapped. He also repaired a door that wouldn't close as well as a cabinet drawer where the face panel became detached. Did a great job and didn't make a mess. We've had Tracy back since then to repair leak damage in the basement bedroom. He matched the paint and wall texture.


Mark Adams

Last year we had new ceramic shower walls put in around the tub. The contractor did a terrible job and even dropped tiled on the tub floor, chipping it to the metal frame.Tracy replaced the tub and replaced individual shower tiles that were improperly done. He worked over the weekend and then came to finish up on week days after his regular schedule with other customers. His labor rate was less than that of the contractors who did such a poor job originally. We are planning to have him return in the spring to do other things around here.


Sharon G

He installed a Ring security camera. PERFECT!. He did it in a timely fashion. I'm very pleased and feel safer now. Have lots of jobs lined up for him.


R Schwartz

Had Tracy repaint living room and bedroom. He used drop cloths on the floor and covered furniture. Looks wonderful. Thanks for coming out to the country!


M Dharod

Repaired gutter, rebuilt rotten back porch steps, nice work.


Marian M

Replaced bathroom sink and drain. Everything is sealed and anchored. Other odd jobs were done in a timely, professional manor.